Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Most Juiced Sport?

Before I answer the question, let me rephrase it with a bit less pith: Athletes from which French sport tested positive for performance enhancing drugs at the highest percentage?

Let me give you a few seconds to hazard a guess.

The AFLD (France's anti-doping agency) conducted thousands of tests in 2012. In eight sports they collected over 400 samples. Here are those eight sports in alphabetical order: basketball, cycling, handball, rugby, soccer, swimming, track and field, triathlon.

According to Fran├žoise Lasne, director of AFLD's analysis department who testified before the French Senate today, one sport stood above the rest in terms of percentage of samples that tested positive for PEDs. You guessed cycling? Wrong. Thought cycling was second? Wrong again. Cycling is in sixth. Here's the list: rugby, soccer, track and field, triathlon, basketball, cycling, handball, swimming.

Excluding positive tests for marijuana (28% of the total), the list changes some, but cycling is still down in fourth. Here are the results without counting pot: rugby, track and field, triathlon, cycling, swimming, soccer, basketball, handball.

Apparently, basketball does not break from the stereotype and appears to be the most pot-laden sport in France...

But rugby wins the gold medal in both categories. Congratulations rugby. Thank you for making even cycling look good.

In terms of raw numbers, cyclist are by far the most tested athletes, followed by rugby then soccer.

(source: Le Monde Sport

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Down Goes Armstrong, Out Come the Hypocrites

The inevitable has happened. Armstrong finally copped to doping.

And immediately he has become the butt of jokes from SNL to Los Angeles alleyways.

Mr. Tour de France probably deserves the criticism.

But I can't help being a bit perturbed by how quickly so many who wore yellow bracelets for years have now switched to bashing him. Especially since it would have taken very  little searching for these same bracelet-wearing sheep to learn Armstrong had been juicing from the beginning.

And corporations, those bastions of morality, have dropped him and are threatening to sue. They rode his EPO charged carcass up the Alpe d'Huez for years and made money hand over fist but now they get to come across as prudish defenders of public health?