Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Armstrong's Latest Doping "Scandal"

A number of people have asked my opinion on the latest revelations leveled at Armstrong by former teammate Tyler Hamilton.

My opinion is that this is nothing new. Armstrong was lucky never to get caught doing what nearly all (if not all) the top cyclists were doing in the 1990s and 2000s. In baseball, there was a dead-ball era, a "greenie" (sort of amphetamine) era, a steroid era, etc. In cycling there was a kola era, a "dynamite" and amphetamine era, an EPO and blood doping era, etc. Armstrong rode during the latter.

This cartoon by Mike Luckovich made the rounds via e-mail:

(original source:

It is funny. But if you pull the cartoon lens back, you'll see that all Lance's challengers were riding the same bike.

I prefer the Onion's take on it. Their article (online here) is titled, "Lance Armstrong: I Never Failed One Of Those Shitty, Easy-To-Fool Doping Tests."