Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A letter to Commissioner Selig

Allow me to share a letter I just mailed to MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, as it addresses my feelings on the entire McCourt/Dodgers debacle:

27 April 2011

Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Allan H. Selig, Commissioner
245 Park Ave., 31st Floor
New York, New York 10167

Dear Commissioner Selig:

With great admiration for the grace and dignity with which you have ushered our beloved American game through the Steroid Era and as an unwavering fan of Major League Baseball, I write to commend what—for me personally and for hundreds of thousands of the Los Angeles Dodgers faithful—will stand as the defining moment of your tenure at the helm of this great organization. Your seizure of financial control of our storied franchise from the detrimentally failed and flawed stewardship of Frank McCourt was nothing short of a veritable liberation for those of us who have endured the demonstration of his proprietary incompetence paired with the media fiasco that was the McCourt divorce. I support and salute you in your efforts to enable the Dodgers franchise to return to the position of prestige it has occupied for so many decades.

In so doing, sir, I also wish to admonish you to exercise the fullest measure of power vested in the office of the commissioner to prevent either Frank or Jamie McCourt from ever reassuming any form of ownership of our franchise. We are not an investment, a property, an asset—the Los Angeles Dodgers organization represents much more than mere numbers. Rather, we are a loyal collectivity of dedicated fans for whom the Dodgers are a cultural identifier and a communal symbol of pride and hope. For us, the Dodgers transcend the McCourt’s bottom line and Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. To see us reduced to such by a wolf who came to us in sheep’s clothing, selling lies to buy our affection as he aimed to assume the paternal place of the O’Malleys, has been as insulting as it has disheartening. Please, Mr. Commissioner, force the McCourts out of baseball. Force them to sell the club, our club. Supplement any ascertainable forestallment on “their investment” and see them out. Cut short this tragedy and banish the McCourts.

Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, Tommy Lasorda, Vin Scully, Walter O’Malley: Are the Los Angeles Dodgers really nothing more than the investment of a carpet-bagging real estate developer? For myself—who fell in love with the Dodgers and baseball as an eight-year-old watching Steve Sax and Gibby win the 1988 World Series—and for countless others who found elation in the Westward Expansion, Sandy’s Shabbat, The Penguin’s earth-shaker, Fernandomania, Game Over Gagné, even Mannywood, the Dodgers represent the true American Dream. Let McCourt define America in dollars and cents to his own demise. America is a diverse collectivity of individuals drawn together by similar objectives and aspirations. Baseball is America’s pastime. The Dodgers are one of its few truly American teams.

Sincerest thanks,
Robert J. Hudson, PhD

*Many thanks to the "Frank McCourt: Sell the Dodgers! Leave LA!" facebook group page from which I borrowed the image above.

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Corry Cropper said...

"With great admiration for the grace and dignity with which you have ushered our beloved American game through the Steroid Era..."

What a beautiful ironic phrase.