Monday, January 3, 2011

Stu·pid·i·ty [stoo-pid-i-tee] --noun; see The IOC and Governor of Pennsylvania

A few interesting stories from recent weeks...

First, Scott sends me this story about the 2012 Olympics. As a French professor I'm OK with the first point, that French be the official language of the games. But the list of demands made by the IOC on the organizing committee goes from cumbersome to scandalous: "40,000 hotel rooms for IOC members." And "at least 105 members of the IOC have also demanded they receive 'four or five star' accommodation at the expense of the London Olympic fund." I hosted a conference in Salt Lake for my professional organization in 2009. We gave members of the national organization's governing committee a box of chocolates. Given the financial problems of London's organizing committee, I think they should follow our lead.

Carlos sends me the story of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell who criticized the Philadelphia Eagles for postponing their game due to snow, extending his criticism to all America, calling it a "nation of wussies." He apparently continued by saying that the Chinese would have held the game anyway, and done calculus on their way to the game. Right. Those Chinese love calculus, Chinese food, baby boys, and snow. Glad our elected officials can avoid stereotypes. And I only wish national strength could really be determined based on our stupidity (like the stupidity of going to a football game in a blizzard), instead of on ridiculous indicators like education, health care, and GDP.

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