Monday, August 9, 2010

Sauna Death Match

Saturday night, during the finals of they world Sauna championships held in Finland, one competitor died and the other was hospitalized.

The "sport" (?) pits competitors against each other in saunas heated to 110 degrees Celsius (230 Farenheit). The person who can stay in the longest wins. Or in this case dies.

Organizers are defending a competition that requires a certain amount of cultural knowledge to appreciate, apparently. "I know that it is very difficult for people outside of Finland who are not familiar with sauna culture to understand," Ossi Arvela told reporters. "It is not uncommon to have 110 degree temperatures in a sauna. Many competitors sit in even higher temperatures."

Maybe he's right.

I understand pushing the body to its limits. I appreciate when an athlete digs deep to reach new levels of performance. But when "training" amounts to "sitting" and getting cooked, literally, things have probably gone too far.

The sauna likely does produce some health benefits. So does taking antibiotics. And there are good reasons we don't hold a competition to see who could ingest the most amoxicillin.

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