Monday, May 31, 2010

Floyd Landis out of Professional Cycling

I read here that Landis has been let go by his current cycling team.

As Ophir has said before, the Landis case has turned into a morality play of good v. evil in the American press, and Landis is the evil one.

It's a tragic end for a guy who Armstrong and Bruyneel used to pick on when he worked so hard to get Lance his titles. He finally makes it big himself and then...

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Jeremy said...

Yeah, I remember how they used to *pick on* him... Like in 2004 when Armstrong literally *pushed* Landis across the top of the Col de la Croix-Fry so he would get the KOM points, then asked, "How fast can you ride downhill? Ride like you stole something 'cuz we're getting you a stage win."

Landis couldn't hold off Ulrich and Kloden, so Armstrong took the win in the last meter and dedicated it to his teammate. Yeah, "picked on."

Or the way that Armstrong repeatedly defended Landis. Like before last year's ATOC, when he blasted Paul Kimmage (who had likened Armstrong's return to a relapse of cancer). Man, that's some severe "picking on."

Cycling's a tough sport, so forgive me if I'm unconcerned with who gets "picked on." Landis has nothing on Lemond in terms of overcoming his own teammates to win and only himself to blame for changing his story so often.