Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Best and Worst

Can't wait for the Olympics to end? Pretend they're already concluded and read this....


End of the Nordic Combined (short hill), as Jason Lamy Chappuis, the Montana born Frenchman, comes from behind in the final meters to take gold ahead of American Johnny Spillane. The ending that would have made Mike Hammer proud was the most exciting moment of the entire Olympics. Don't believe me? Watch the last few minutes of the video here.

Apolo Ohno telling everyone that short track is like figure skating, only with a greater chance of severing your femoral artery. After being disqualified from the 500 meter final, Ohno told reporters that he lost out because the head official is Canadian and wanted to see Canada win two medals. "Short track is so subjective," he told NBC's Cris Collinsworth. Look for costumes and music selection to be added as components of short track in 2014.

The U.S.A. v. Canada Hockey final. It hasn't happened yet, but it will be good... as long as NBC decides to actually broadcast it.


NBC's programming decisions rankled me for the entire two weeks. Too many personal interest stories about figure skaters, not enough skiing, and the blunder with the Canada U.S.A. hockey match in the early rounds is inexcusable. I did enjoy seeing Bob Costas play the keyboard, though....

Sven Kramer's disqualification in the 10,000 meter speed skating event was tragically impressive. I list it here under "worst," but it generated the kind of drama that could easily qualify it as one of the "best" moments of the games. Overcoaching kills.

McDonalds and Coca-Cola get my most emphatic "worst" vote. The two companies who have likely contributed the most to obesity and diabetes in this country have made great efforts to associate their product with heart health and with the the worlds fittest athletes. Their ads do not state, "driking Coke will make your heart healthy" or "eating Big Macs will make you fit," but they deceptively and insidiously send this message. Do you want fries with that gold medal?


Robert J. Hudson said...

Oh yeah, FINALLY, the Olympics are over--now we can get back to following Tiger Woods' domestic life!

Jeremy said...

You forgot to put the cannuck's speed skating unis in your "worst" section.

Robert J. Hudson said...

Add to your BEST list the name of one Mr. NEIL YOUNG. WOW!!!