Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Against the Nintendo Wii: Back to the Primordial Ooze (Bah! Humbug!)

Despite my protests, Auntie Shalee gave my children a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year.

I don't like it.

Yes, it is cool that you can swing the remote like a bat and break the vase on the coffee table. And yes, Wii tennis is kind of nifty if you don't mind moving all your furniture out of the way before you play.

But it is a huge evolutionary step backwards.

Opposable thumbs were one of the major factors that allowed humans to gain an advantage over their thumbless relatives (or so I learned in second grade). And while Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's X-Box have allowed us to exploit and develop this evolutionary advantage, the Wii represents a step back to our primitive, club wielding days...

And so this Christmas time I say let us maintain our evolutionary advantage and stick to our thumbs.

Plus, I do not want to have to leave the couch when I'm in front of the TV.


sonny said...

ok but ... you lose weight ahahahahah :)

Dana said...

U r funny! Don't want to leave the couch...