Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Running... or Off It?

I recently read Christopher McDougall's Born to Run. It is far better than the typical running literature fare (a very entertaining read, in fact) and actually inspired me to get off my bike and jog. I thought I had better start slow so I did a short run, something just under three miles.

After about a half mile, I was suffering. By mile two, my calves were cramping up. By the end I needed to apply lotion to certain unmentionables.

I can live with all that. I could, I'm sure, even get used to it with enough practice.

But I'm not sure I will... the speed is the thing.

The speed of biking seems ideal for seeing enough terrain to keep things interesting without going too fast to not appreciate the surroundings. Even though I was slow, I don't think I could ever run quickly enough to satisfy my quest to see more and gobble up more miles. Perhaps I am too impatient to run. Perhaps too lazy. I also like the idea (put forth by more illustrious authors than I) of riding being like writing, leaving traces, an invisible cursive script on the road.

But I am willing to be convinced that running is the thing....

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