Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Other Tour de France: Anti-Bobos Unite!

A recent article in Le Figaro took stock of a bicycle public transport program in Paris. "Velib" lets users check out a bike in one part of town and return it to another for a minimal fee. The problem is that vandalism rates have been much higher in Paris than in other French cities where they have launched similar programs. Bikes end up in the River, hanging from street signs, painted, trashed, etc. etc. Some have even made it a point to do tricks on the fairly heavy Velib bikes and post it on youtube:

I see this as a way for people to stick it to the state and to the city; to take this imposition of state-sponsored exercise and transportation outside of the box. Are they bending the rules to make art? or just bending the rules? Are they making a political statement about the relative wealth of the high-minded socialists and greens who tend to use Velib? or are they merely putting on a show, organizing a teen-age prank?


SM Sprenger said...

maybe the answer is contained in the last frame--an expression of "liberté" in a place and time where there isn't much of it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing video....