Friday, July 31, 2009

The Future of Baseball? Robots

A video from Reuters shows a lab in Japan that is developing robots that can pitch and hit. We thought bio-engineering was the future of sport. Instead, it appears the machines will duke it out.

Upon further reflection, robo-pitchers may be an improvement over Roger Clemens.

Send a memo to Bud Selig.


Robert J. Hudson said...

Three comments:

1) Why not? The NBA has been playing with robots for at least a decade (see Tim Duncan: all fundamentals, no heart);

2) Unfortunately, robots would probably be only as effective as the "U-Scan" lane at Ralph's (where you still have to know produce codes or how to call up a jicama on cue);

and, 3) If anyone remembers, as I do, the 8-bit Nintendo game "Base Wars," we've known this to be the future of baseball since the late 80s.

Sven Wilson said...

I don't see baseball being played by robots, but I do see machines coming into officiating. Really, there is now way a human umpire will be able to achieve the accuracy of a machine.

Anonymous said...

"the Future of Baseball? Robots" it's great thinking...!!! but your fitness...

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