Friday, April 3, 2009

On Schilling and Shane McConkey

A couple of interesting stories were passed along to me in the past week or so. First, this column in TNR comparing Curt Schilling to Ron Burgundy (Anchorman) is pretty amusing.

Next, the sad news that Shane McConkey died while filming ski-base-jumping. We have done some blogging about extremely extreme sports like this one, and it is worth passing the news of McConkey's death on.

Personally, I enjoy some sports because they make me confront my mortality and the limits of what my physical body can do. These guys take it right up to the limit... and beyond.

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Robert J. Hudson said...

That's really funny about Schilling; I always took him as baseball's version of another "journalist": Rush Limbaugh. Both are pompous, arrogant, moronic windbags, spewing and sputtering impulsive, knee-jerk garbage, that no one will miss.

Good riddance, Curt. Glad "the party is over." Baseball, and Cooperstown, are better without you!