Monday, March 9, 2009

Limbaugh on Youth Sports

Limbaugh on sports:

Another typical use of sports and politics: a smokescreen to avoid discussing the real issues.

Limbaugh doesn't offer any real solutions, but suggests that the financial bail-out amounts to not keeping score in youth sports. I think the connection is that in capitalism we have winners and losers and we should let the losers lose. As a friend pointed out, we do keep score; but were keeping score when Bush was in office, too. It's wasn't 0-0 when Obama was sworn in....

The problem is that we all stand to lose if the economy doesn't turn around. All of us but Rush, of course, who stands to become relevant as an oppositional figure if Obama's plan fails.


Blitzkrieg said...

Admittedly, I am a Limbaugh fan as much more often than not I think "Rush is right." However, his grandstanding can get a little tired.

Blitzkrieg said...

I take his not keeping score analogy with respect to the bailout more specifically to mean that we are not tracking where the funds are going and also not tracking the effectiveness of the funds given.

Obama is certainly a good speaker and great at managing expectations, but his skill seems to end there from what I can see. I hope I am wrong and his plan works...but I am not holding my breath (but I am pinching my nose!).

Anonymous said...

Not at all surprising that someone with a Nazi war tactic for a screen-name would be pro-Rush, anti-Obama!