Saturday, January 31, 2009

NFL Free Agency and Job Portability

Dana send me this story from the Harvard Business School's online newsletter where authors note that some positions (in the NFL or in a corporation) are more portable than others:

As research on the National Football League reveals, sometimes the specific nature of a job determines whether a great performer at one company can replicate that performance at another.

Any jobs that require high levels of collaboration are less portable and require more time for the transferred employee to adjust to new surroundings.

This means that my job (college professor) is very portable... my profession is known for cantankerous intellectuals who do everything possible to avoid collaborating with colleagues, including high-minded name calling, petty bickering, and ignoring requests from department chairs. In fact, the system frequently rewards those who are the most obnoxious (the biggest curmudgeons get the fewest committee assignments and therefore have more time to research--and publications lead to bigger pay raises and quicker promotions).

Now, if only I could cash in on my acerbic personality and get paid like a NFL wide receiver...

Update: Dana recommends I watch the following video.

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Dana said...

Liked the personal insight. Have you seen the Groucho Marx clip as Professor Wagstaff, singing "Whatever it is, we're against it!" ? Classic obstructionist faculty.