Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baseball Fights in Korea

Apparently the penalties for fighting in the Korean baseball league are extremely severe, either that or there is a strong cultural taboo against throwing a punch. As a result (and I'm only guessing here), players have adopted a different way to express their anger at opposing pitchers.

If this gets the idea of insult and anger across culturally without actually bloodying someone's nose, that's great. And maybe it's just a joke. Whatever the case, I just wish someone had done this to Clemens when he was still playing.

Can you imagine Nolan Ryan hopping into someone?


Dana said...

Come on, Corry! You've got to be able to find someone there in our great language mecca of BYU that can translate that! Great stuff.

Corry Cropper said...

I'll have to ask around.

In the meantime, if someone happens to understand Korean and would like to post the translation...

Dana and I will be forever grateful.