Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Comes out in Favor of College Football Playoff

Since I received the same link from two different readers, I better put it up. It is a humorous article by Dan Wetzel about Barack Obama's support of a playoff in college football and about how he could have gotten sports fans behind him in the primaries, particularly in the South, by appealing directly to college football fans:

So let me hear from the pro-BCS people...

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Unknown said...

Pro-BCS people? Do they even exist?

What would be better than March Madness? How about a 16 team college football playoff. It would only take four weeks. If we did it this year, we could start it on December 13th and be done by January 3rd. Let the other teams play in bowl games on days other than Saturdays (like the NAIA tournament for basketball).