Monday, November 17, 2008

Franklin Foer Lecture

For those of you checking this blog from Utah, please come to a lecture by Franklin Foer, editor at the New Republic and author of a recent book on sports and politics entitled, How Soccer Explains the World: An (Unlikely) Theory of Globalization. The lecture will take place Wednesday (Nov 19) at 3PM on the Brigham Young University campus in the JSB auditorium.

In the book, Foer uses soccer as a sort of conduit that allows him to access the unspoken ethos of (among other groups) Serbian gangsters, Scottish Catholics, and American Republicans. Though he would probably bristle at me qualifying it this way, soccer becomes, for Foer, a tool to tap into global society's id.

Please come for a free session on the analyst's couch with Mr. Foer this Wednesday.


Chrissie said...

Have you ever looked at the "temps et passe-temps" chapter of the Mais Oui! textbook? I seem to recall a listening comprehension activity about this very topic--the relationship between soccer and culture, etc. Actually, it may have been "football américain" that the people were talking about, but same idea.

Corry Cropper said...

Chrissie, I had no idea "mais oui" was so hip! I'll have to teach 101 again...