Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Director Of Tour To Armstrong: "Quoi?!"

Jean-Marie Leblanc, former director of the Tour de France, publicly sounded off about Armstrong's return to cycling. Read some of his comments here.

The team Armstrong is returning to (Astana) was excluded from last year's Tour because of unresolved issues about drug testing. I'm not sure his return will help the team's case...

Update: Lab offers to retest Armstrong samples from 1999 Tour for EPO.

Thanks to Chris for the links.

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Unknown said...

Only one thing could mar Lance Armstrong’s image and it is not a poor performance in the Tour. Being found guilty of doping would for ever ruin his image and his ability to raise money for his cancer foundation.

I for one do not think he is clean of doping. I don’t think any of the top riders are. Obviously, he has found a good way to stay clean enough for the tests, but all it will take is one miscalculation and his life, as he now knows it, will be forever ruined.

I agree very much with Leblanc’s comments and wish Lance would leave well enough alone. At some point he has to leave cycling for good. Returning to race next year will only hurt his image. No one will care if he wins again. And as Leblanc puts it "The hounds will be let loose, column inches will be written, images repeated, and debate sparked about the one word which has petrified our passion over the past ten years: doping.".