Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TVs On The Juice: Doping Olympic Coverage

Derek sent me this link to an article claiming the Chinese animators spent a year creating digital fireworks to broadcast worldwide. Some of the fireworks were real, but some of them were, well, about as real as Peter Jackson's Gollum.

So, to summarize, the Olympics offer us fake fireworks, fake crowds, and fake athletes.

But world-class entertainment.


SM Sprenger said...

You forgot the fake singer--the politburo replaced the buck-toothed winner of a national singing contest with a "cute" girl who lip-synced the national anthem. I thought the singer was sufficiently cute to pull off the job.

Are we being to mean to the Chinese?
See the Slate article on how disappointed the Chinese are by western media coverage:

Corry Cropper said...

Maybe we are being too mean...

And the Olympics were probably as superficial in SLC as in Beijing. Remember all the students brought in to smile, cheer and put a good face on Salt Lake and Utah?