Thursday, August 7, 2008


A survey published in Le Figaro (8 July) reveals that Europeans think Italians are the biggest cheaters when it comes to both sports and business.

When asked "Who cheats the most in sports?" 39% of French respondents said "Les Italiens," as did 17% of all European respondents (tops on both lists). What makes this survey's results the most convincing, however, is that when asked the same question, Italians answered, "que cosi, it's us." 32% of Italian respondents (again, tops on the list) said Italians are the biggest cheaters.

True, the Italians may be the best at flopping in soccer, and yes, the French have lost to the Italians in the last two major international tournaments (World Cup 2006 and Euro 2008), perhaps explaining why the French ranked them #1 . But the Italian survey results suggests that they truly are European champions--at cheating. I guess Berlusconi really is the man for the job...


SM Sprenger said...

On a related topic: is wearing Speedo's LZR swimming suit a kind of "doping"? An Italian coach thinks so:

He pushes the question in a negative direction by calling the trunks "doping". I think we can argue the other way: that drug enhanced performances are technological advances, just as are carbon-framed bicycles or graphite tennis rackets. Why stigmatize the advancement?

There have been so many technical and technological advances in sports and sports equipment over the years that it's naive and almost silly to want to freeze things in time.

Corry Cropper said...

In fact, most world records broken of late are due to technological advances (doping included). Where there is little in the way of technological advances, the world records change rarely, if ever. Swimming records are falling because of better suits and also better designed pools that minimize waves and drag.

In other words, there are limits to human performance that prevent us from going higher, faster, stronger without technological help.

Corry Cropper said...

On the other hand, different swim trunks don't lead to an early death.