Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beijing Best & Worst

Best moment: women's marathon, won by 38 year-old mom Constantina Tomescu. I'm 38 and I can barely walk up my stairs.

Worst moment: opening ceremonies when 2008 drummers taught the U.S. a lesson in demography.

Worst commercial: Of course there were the nationalistic McDonalds commercials and the schmaltsy Coca-Cola spots, but the worst goes to GE for the Chinese man who finds true love with his doctor after he injures his foot while destroying a village. Ahhh, those cute Chinese lovers! Makes me want to run out and buy a toaster.

Worst uniforms: All the gymnasts "in the whole world" (to quote esquelito from Nacho Libre).

Most Inspirational: Ara Abrahamian throwing his medal on the mat. An example to us all...

Least Inspirational: Of all the cheesy spots NBC had to do, the worst I saw was Mary Carillo's adventures with Chinese food. With an apparent gift for precise, descriptive vocabulary, after tasting every dish she would open her eyes wide, nod her head and repeatedly say, "That's great. That's great." That's bad. That's bad.

Most Annoying Commentator: Bela Karolyi had a coronary every time a gymnast even came close to "sticking" a landing. Plus, when I see him I can only think of the time he encouraged Kerri Strug to do one more vault on her broken ankle: "You can do it!" he kept shrieking to her. "That's child abuse!" I kept screaming at my TV.

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