Monday, July 7, 2008

Wimbledon and "Les Rosbifs"

In Paris, France on a work related trip, I wanted to catch what promised to be an epic final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Problem is, a pay channel (Canal +) had rights to broadcast the tournament. But I managed to work around that and finally began watching the match. Then, with things tied 2-2 in the fifth and deciding set, another rain delay stopped play. It only halted the match for about fifteen minutes but that was enough time for Canal + to go to their previously scheduled movie.

When play resumed, Canal +'s coverage did not.

In their defense, maybe they moved coverage to another specialized channel that I couldn't access. But more likely the Canal + team in France decided some British tournament was not worth broadcasting. Clément Arnaud had been eliminated in the quarter finals, and the Brits (aka "Les Rosbifs" in France) are cute, but not cute enough to supersede previously scheduled programming... As a result an entire country, a country with a long sports history and arguably the inventors of tennis, didn't see the last set of perhaps the greatest tennis match ever.

I ended up listening to the end on Wimbledon radio (online) where the British announcers nearly choked on their ascots because it was such a good finish. Unfortunately, in the land of Roland Garros, apparently nobody cared.


Derek said...

I feel for you Corry. You were robbed of seeing the finish by French Television. I was robbed by religion - I had church. By the time I got out, I was able to see only one hit - the very last one. What a great match! I'm happy I can 'claim' that I saw it down to the heroic finish.

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