Monday, July 28, 2008

What Do Those Rings Mean, Anyway?

Gilles Goetghebuer, in his preface to a book on the Olympics (Dopage aux Jeux Olympiques by Jean-Pierre Mondenard), claims that when he showed the symbol of the Olympics (above) to his daughter she blurted out, "Hey, it's like what's on the Coke cans."

Originally a symbol of international unity, I now associate the rings more with NBC's programming than with lofty Olympic ideals--they are displayed in the corner of every one of that network's shows.

Would you help me conduct an informal survey? Print out a copy of the Olympic rings and show them to your kids (or to the neighbor's kids, or to the kids you teach, Nathan). Ask them where the rings come from or what they stand for. Report your findings here.


Corry Cropper said...

I asked my son "where's it from"? He said, "Stores."

I'm so proud: my son must watch a lot of TV.

Corry Cropper said...

And my niece said "it's a W."

There you have it.

So much for branding...