Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olympics and Preening Politicains

French newspaper Libération reports today that China is reengaging in dialogue with exiled Tibetan leaders. It may be a sign that international pressure (the threat of boycotting the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics) is yielding some fruit.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to stay home but may go if the rumored talks take place. However, like most politicians, he enjoys taking credit for positive events that have nothing to do with him. If, in fact, talks are confirmed, he will certainly say his boycott threat led China to the negotiating table.

It is also possible that China will engage in the talks just long enough to allow boycott-minded diplomats to save face and attend the Olympics. This would also allow China to welcome the world with a partially cleared conscience.

Chinese officials maintain that the Olympics and politics should not mix, but this latest news may be a sign that the Games can be used for positive political progress. Or it may simply be another mirage.

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Shantal said...

I agree the politicians (like Sarkozy) take credit for anything positive, but at the same time I suppose they get blamed for plenty of negative things they have nothing to do with either.
You make a good point.