Thursday, June 5, 2008

Team Sport Dynasties: Part Two

Leagues benefit from dynasties in the same way a nation benefits from war.

For both countries and clubs, ardent supporters make their voices heard en masse--fans in the stadiums and patriots at Lee Greenwood concerts; and they spend their money en masse--fans buy pennants and jerseys, citizens buy flags pins and magnetic "support our troops" ribbons.

On the flip side, all those who are not gaga for the current champions unite in their hatred of the hegemonic power. "Yankee go home!" is chanted in ball parks and in the Middle East.

Proof of this can be found in the fact that USC football, the NY Yankees, LA Lakers, and (insert dynastic behemoth here), usually draw a lot of fans even when on the road. This may be explained in part by the broad reach of their fan base, but if local observation can be generalized (in the Mountian West Conference BYU football has won the last two titles), most of the fans come out hoping their team will beat the brains out of the champs.

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