Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horses on the Juice

Rick Dutrow Jr., the trainer for Big Brown (and many other horses), has been suspended for 15 days because one of his horses was found to have TWO TIMES the limit of a "medication with steroidal properties" in its blood.

A 15 day suspension? Wow, these guys really are serious about cleaning up the sport...

According to this guy has been "fined or suspended at least once every year since 2000 for doping issues." He has administered more juice than has been dosed out in the entire Tour de France. And they're giving him 15 days?

He should be banned for life... that is, if horse racing execs care about the integrity of their sport.

But apparently they don't.


SM Sprenger said...

Did you catch the story by Terry Bradshaw who said he and his team did 'roids all the time--no big deal, was part of the culture, was not illegal. Does that mean there'll now be a star next to Pittsburgh's superbowl wins?

Corry Cropper said...

Yes, I saw that story. And I'm sure Bradshaw had a lot of company in the NFL.

But are you comparing Bradshaw to Salute the Count (the horse Dutrow doctored)? Actually, that could lead to an interesting conversation on athletes' bodies... In fact, I think a lot of athletes did inject horse steroids in those less sophisticated halcyon days of yore. (We've graduated to growth hormones and EPO.)